Hey there! Welcome to Escape Tales.This is Amna Parvin. Just an other stubborn, cranky 18 year old girl finding a route for her passion.


Well as a child I always wanted to do something different in life. Something that excites my nerves and at the same time, if I put in better words I would say something that makes me happy! Don’t we all want to be happy ? And that being my first and most important goal in life because in the end that’s what matters.

So here I am sharing with you my escapade stories . Stories that make me happy from food to travel, poetry and so much more!


Trying my best to share my first love with you guys which is none other than food! When it comes to cooking it will always be something very intense and close part of my life as it has taught me so much and yet I’m learning. I don’t know how this love got so immense that it’s hard to let go off .From cooking with kitchen toys to cooking in real utensils, didn’t know how fast it happened.

I hope my version of escape helps you and inspires you to do what you’ve always wanted to and be a happy , free loving soul spreading warmth and peace.

Sometimes we need to get lost in order to explore and find our inner depths and make our soul breathe free. It’s not about the places but the people and experiences we take back and make a book full of memories to share . Growing , learning and exploring different versions of ourselves but foremost being a better version than yesterday.

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